Developing Visionary Leaders 2016

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Developed and enriched over the past five years with over 100 graduates, Visionary Leadership helps transform managers into strategic thinking leaders who support the development of their China based companies. PROWAY will conduct three Master Classes in Shanghai and Suzhou in 2016, including one special class for expatriate managers conducted in English.

The gap between leaders and led in China is often a steep valley where senior managers fail to deliver their message to their team. To bridge this gap, General Managers need direct reports who can serve as catalysts linking top and bottom. Visionary Leadership is an effective tool in developing leaders who have can link top management's initiatives with rank and file employees.

Graduates will increase their self-awareness, improve their ability to influence and coach others, develop strategic planning capabilities and learn to connect with followers emotionally. PROWAY works closely with senior managers to assist them in developing management teams staffed with leaders who engage their followers and staff by:
  • Communicating openly and honestly
  • Demonstrating care and interest in employee well being
  • Inspiring and developing followers
  • Leading with a clear story about the purpose, broad vision and the how the individual contributes to the company
  • Helping build sustainable, high performance cultures


PROWAY is a boutique management consulting company specializing in assessment, leadership and organizational development. We help Asia-based companies develop visionary leaders and sustainable organisations for China-based companies. We have been active in China since 1998 with offices in Shanghai, Suzhou, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. We recognize that there has been a global paradigm shift. Asia is moving onto the world's center stage and needs global leaders to drive this development. We help potential leaders develop talents and skills to compete directly and to be at home in the boardrooms of Fortune 500 Companies from Shanghai to Berlin to New York to Tokyo.




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