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In the highly competitive Executive sector,  people that understand and commit to your success, your strategic imperatives and your culture will be the difference between you and your competitors.


At Talent, ensuring we remain on top of industry knowledge guarantees we understand what’s happening at your level. From the economy, market conditions and business factors – our deep understanding ensures we know where to find the right Executives for your business, and we are already working with them. From CIOs to General Mangers to Service Delivery Managers – Talent is in touch with the right Executives for your needs.


Why Use Talent For Executive IT Recruitment?


A Case Study


One of Australia’s leading private health fund provider, sought four of the mostly highly regarded Business Intelligence specialists in the Australian market to build a ‘Centre of Excellence’ for its Business Intelligence Unit.


Given the specific, niche skills sought, Talent International developed a Executive IT Recruitment campaign that was a combination of media advertising and Executive Search. The media advertising enabled Talent to tap into a market of passive and active candidates that were working in the field and Executive Search allowed us to identify individuals who were open to exciting career opportunities when approached professionally and confidentially.


To source these niche skill sets, Talent developed a national advertising campaign and conducted industry specific research as well gathered and analysed market intelligence and undertook a discreet search campaign. As well as mining Talent’s extensive database, Talent also researched industry, professional and other sources, to compile a list of prospective candidates. Talent International successfully sourced high quality candidates through our targeted recruitment campaign well within the expected time-frames.


Talent International is an innovative andhighly-successful global IT&T recruitment specialist supplying thousands oftechnology professionals across Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, North Asia and the UK. With revenue approaching A$350 million perannum, Talent are the largestindependently-owned and operated recruitment businesses in Australia. Talent also owns Bravuro, a new IT consultingspecialist that delivers services in business planning, project delivery andservice management and digital capabilities, advancing its original and uniqueJava solution offer under its previous name Agile Logic. Across Talent, we have made a commitment to‘break from the pack’ and are in the process of building a truly unique globalIT&T recruitment and technology services practice that will provide anunparalleled level of service and care for our candidates and our clients. We aim to create and grow a brand thatrepresents our progressive and innovative thinking, a high level of compassionfor others and a sense of adventure in all that we do.




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